2018 Sales - Karaka - May Sale

Lot Colour Sex Sire Dam Purchaser Location Price
9 Chestnut Colt Swiss Ace (AUS) Ashima Psd, Res $15,000
19 Chestnut Filly Reliable Man (GB) Charlotte Russe Psd, Res $20,000
23 (Withdrawn) Bay Colt Rothesay (AUS) Decibel (AUS) Withdrawn
27 Bay Colt Swiss Ace (AUS) Frolicsome (AUS) Psd, Res $3,000
29 (Withdrawn) Bay Filly El Roca (AUS) Funhouse Withdrawn
38 Bay Filly Redwood (GB) Just Like El (AUS) Psd, Res $5,000
40 Chestnut Colt Swiss Ace (AUS) Kokkei (AUS) Psd, Res $40,000
41 Bay Filly Redwood (GB) Lacustrine (AUS) Psd, Res $8,000
42 Bay Filly El Roca (AUS) Lady Mulroy (AUS) Richardson Racing/Mr GJ Wiggins Auckland $5,000
43 Bay Filly Reliable Man (GB) Lady's Wish (USA) Psd, Res $20,000
50 Chestnut Filly El Roca (AUS) Miss Heartbeat (AUS) Psd, Res $15,000
51 Bay Filly Reliable Man (GB) Modern Lady Psd, Res $20,000
56 Bay Filly El Roca (AUS) Rasiowa Phill Cataldo Bloodstock (BAFNZ) Waikato $14,000
57 Bay Filly Reliable Man (GB) Renediym (AUS) Psd, Res $15,000
60 Brown Filly Redwood (GB) Sunsari (AUS) Psd, Res $15,000
65 Bay Filly El Roca (AUS) Wolfmother (AUS) Psd, Res $10,000
137 Bay Filly Swiss Ace (AUS) Doduo (AUS) Ms D Howell Waikato $15,000
158 BG Colt Reliable Man (GB) Final View GTS Bloodstock Waikato $15,000
185 Bay Colt Makfi (GB) Inara Belle BR Bloodstock Auckland $10,000
300 Bay Filly Redwood (GB) River Chant Mr B Bottomley Victoria $8,000
361 BB Filly Makfi (GB) Dancing May (AUS) Mrs PA McGuigan Manawatu $1,500
375 Bay M Makfi (GB) Zingo Inner Mongolia Rider Horse Industry Auckland $5,000
397 Chestnut M Promontory Gold (USA) Spine Tingler (AUS) Hedwood Thoroughbreds Canterbury $600
408 Bay M Red Giant (USA) Just Like El (AUS) Horse Feng Bloodstock Auckland $1,500
421 Brown M Viscount (AUS) Miss Denmark (AUS) Psd, Res $500
430 Bay M El Moxie (USA) Demetia (AUS) Kaipikari Thoroughbreds Taranaki $300
445 Bay M Swiss Ace (AUS) Musically (AUS) Psd, Res $500
480 Chestnut M Timber Country (USA) Rose Reward Sebas Farm Manawatu $250
484 Brown M Redwood (GB) Pharmacusa (AUS) Horse Feng Bloodstock Auckland $1,000
485 Chestnut M Swiss Ace (AUS) Sacred Vow (AUS) Horse Feng Bloodstock Hong Kong $800
486 Brown M Redwood (GB) Artiste Fille (AUS) Kakasiri International Trading Auckland $600
518 Bay M Swiss Ace (AUS) Ringside (AUS) Riverview Farm Waikato $2,250

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