2017 Sales - Karaka Select

Lot Colour Sex Sire Dam Purchaser Location Price
466 Bay Filly Swiss Ace (AUS) Uberfrau (GB) Collett Racing Stables Auckland $50,000
467 Grey Filly Reliable Man (GB) Ugly Betty (AUS) Lees Racing New South Wales $15,000
470 Bay Colt Swiss Ace (AUS) Upgrading (AUS) Waikato Bloodstock / Kangyu International Racing Hong Kong $90,000
475 Grey Filly Reliable Man (GB) Valley of Pentire Baker Racing Cambridge $40,000
481 Bay Colt Swiss Ace (AUS) Vibe (AUS) Psd, Res $55,000
490 Brown Filly Makfi (GB) Wednesday Rocks Lisa Latta Racing Palmerston North $55,000
498 Bay Colt Swiss Ace (AUS) Wolfmother (AUS) Ellesmere Thoroughbreds Cambridge $45,000
499 Bay Colt Makfi (GB) Wonderland Psd, Res $35,000
500 Bay Colt Mossman (AUS) Wonderworld (AUS) Team Rogerson Hamilton $45,000
521 Bay Colt Mossman (AUS) Alta Floresta (AUS) Psd, Res $35,000
522 Brown Filly Redwood (GB) Amarantha Mr DG Greene Hamilton $45,000
551 Bay Filly Swiss Ace (AUS) Bannisters (AUS) Psd, Res $55,000
553 Bay Colt Swiss Ace (AUS) Bead of Courage Mr PM Ma Hong Kong $25,000
565 Chestnut Colt Swiss Ace (AUS) Best French (AUS) Newcastle Partnership Singapore $35,000
567 Bay Colt Swiss Ace (AUS) Between You and Me (AUS) Mr CJ Wood Hamilton $35,000
571 Bay Filly Reliable Man (GB) Black Cat Feek Racing Victoria $55,000
600 Grey Colt Reliable Man (GB) Charlotte Russe Beamish Bloodstock Taupo $38,000
615 Brown Colt Makfi (GB) Cocodiva (AUS) Mr PB Comley Victoria $45,000
636 Bay Filly Redwood (GB) Dane Promise (AUS) Team Rogerson Hamilton $35,000
677 Chestnut Filly Sizzling (AUS) Equivalence (AUS) Psd, Res $20,000
716 Bay Filly So You Think Gaynor (AUS) Withdrawn
722 Chestnut Colt Mossman (AUS) Gibraltar Diva (AUS) Psd, Res $35,000
727 Bay Filly Makfi (GB) Gould (AUS) Go Racing Auckland $85,000
735 Chestnut Filly Swiss Ace (AUS) Havana Miss (AUS) Mr M Pitman Auckland $35,000
751 Bay Colt Swiss Ace (AUS) Inara Belle Withdrawn
780 Bay Colt Swiss Ace (AUS) Kilderry Mr JC Collett Putaruru $85,000
797 Brown Filly Redwood (GB) Lady Mulroy (AUS) Cameron Cooke Bloodstock / Wendy Kelly Racing Victoria $25,000
798 Chestnut Filly Reliable Man (GB) Lady of the Garter (AUS) Psd, Res $35,000
815 Grey Filly Reliable Man (GB) Liliflora (AUS) Okaharau Station Hawkes Bay $35,000
842 Brown Colt Redwood (GB) Margravine (AUS) Logan Racing Stables Ruakaka $65,000
855 Bay Colt Swiss Ace (AUS) Merayaat (AUS) Rogerson Bloodstock Hamilton $45,000
868 Bay Filly Swiss Ace (AUS) Miss Heartbeat (AUS) Mr M Pitman Auckland $35,000
871 Chestnut Filly Swiss Ace (AUS) Miss Ivanovic (AUS) Team Rogerson Hamilton $35,000
872 Grey Colt Reliable Man (GB) Miss Juventus (AUS) Psd, Res $45,000
887 BG Colt Reliable Man (GB) Morton Babe Mr M Conners Marton $80,000
889 Bay Colt Swiss Ace (AUS) Musically (AUS) Collett Racing Stables Pukekohe $62,500
962 Bay Colt Reliable Man (GB) Quality Dream (AUS) Mr RA James Cambridge $50,000
980 Bay Colt Redwood (GB) River Chant Mr DM O'Leary Marton $18,000
984 BG Colt Reliable Man (GB) Rosey Dane (AUS) Freedman Brothers / Waterford Bloodstock Victoria $75,000
987 Grey Filly Reliable Man (GB) Run to the Bank Mr KH & Mrs PJ Hughes Christchurch $40,000
988 Bay Filly Tavistock Sabino Creek (AUS) Ible Racing / DJI Bloodstock New South Wales $40,000
1001 Bay Colt Harbour Watch (IRE) Scattered Dreams (AUS) Pike Racing / Mr M Guerin Cambridge $57,500
1002 Bay Filly Reliable Man (GB) Scene Queen (AUS) Rogerson Bloodstock Hamilton $35,000
1013 Brown Colt Reliable Man (GB) Shabana (AUS) Mr LR Beckett Christchurch $6,000
1024 Bay Colt Swiss Ace (AUS) Show Exhibit (AUS) Mr S Gray Singapore $135,000
1030 Bay Colt Swiss Ace (AUS) Sierra Gold (AUS) Team Rogerson Hamilton $55,000
1034 Bay Filly Testa Rossa (AUS) Singa Songa (AUS) Mr RL Orr Christchurch $100,000
1066 Bay Filly Tavistock Strenua Aquanita Racing Victoria $30,000
1071 Bay Colt Smart Missile (Aus) Sunsari (AUS) Waikato Bloodstock / Kangyu International Racing Hong Kong $105,000
1074 Bay Filly Magnus (AUS) Sveglia (AUS) Withdrawn
1096 Bay Filly Reliable Man (GB) Torlundy Mr SA Sharrock New Plymouth $95,000

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