Health and Wellness with Dan Amosa

14 August

The mental and physical wellbeing of oneself is so important in today’s world with evidence showing if we fuel our bodies right and move regularly the flow on effects are enormous with stronger immunity, prevention of diseases, improved mental and emotional wellbeing, and above all else we feel good about ourselves. The most valuable asset to any business is the health and wellbeing of staff and prioritising this makes for improved workplace engagement and high moral for the overall team. 

Westbury has teamed up with nutrition and fitness expert Dan Amosa providing a toolkit of advice and strategies to build into the teams day to day lives while promoting a healthier workplace. Dan has been in the health and fitness sector for over seven years, owning his own gym, Inferno Fitness in Cambridge, and has successfully helped numerous people make significant changes to their overall wellbeing with his programmes. 

With no one body the same each requires a different approach in prioritising their health and the choices they make and to give each person their individual picture, a portable body scanning machine was used to measure and score individual staff members overall body structure. The device predominantly interprets body composition, water, fat, protein, muscle, bone mineral and more. Results help understand and determine how current diets, lifestyle and training regimes have influence over whole body health and question where changes may need to be made.

Within a group discussion, Dan broke down is format into simple steps which the team could compare and analyse from according to their scan results. From the discussion a mound of information was taken on board by all staff and was the beginning of a new foundation being built towards improving their personal health and wellness.

With this newfound help, Westbury has been given the best chance to achieve the set goal. Adopting this approach will be a big factor if we are to achieve peak health and internal relationships, which is necessary when building a strong, robust team.