2018 Sales - Karaka - Book 1

Lot Colour Sex Sire Dam
34 Bay Filly Reliable Man (GB) Arapaho Miss (AUS)
62 Bay Colt Redwood (GB) Belleza
71 Bay Colt Makfi (GB) Bislieri (AUS)
105 Bay Colt Swiss Ace (AUS) Chateau Latour (AUS)
119 BRG Filly Reliable Man (GB) Concert Girl (AUS)
120 Bay Colt El Roca (AUS) Conferre (AUS)
148 Bay Colt Rothesay (AUS) Decibel (AUS)
149 Grey Filly Reliable Man (GB) Decking (AUS)
155 Bay Colt Swiss Ace (AUS) Derrydane
178 BRG Filly Reliable Man (GB) Dunbarton (AUS)
181 Bay Filly El Roca (AUS) Eclaircissement (AUS)
183 Brown Colt Redwood (GB) Ella Maree (AUS)
186 Bay Colt Charm Spirit (IRE) Enduja (AUS)
207 Bay Filly All Too Hard (AUS) Festive Joy (AUS)
209 Brown Filly Brazen Beau (AUS) Fifty Eight Facets (AUS)
224 Chestnut Colt Shooting to Win (AUS) Fromage (AUS)
230 Bay Colt Hallowed Crown (AUS) Given With Love (AUS)
234 Bay Colt El Roca (AUS) Go Kate Go (AUS)
235 Bay Filly Smart Missile (Aus) Golden Sparkle
242 Grey Colt Reliable Man (GB) Gypsy Jewels (AUS)
247 Bay Colt Makfi (GB) Helen of Rose (AUS)
268 Bay Filly El Roca (AUS) Inara Belle
270 Bay Filly Zoustar (AUS) In Conference (AUS)
347 Bay Colt Makfi (GB) Lotteria (AUS)
374 Bay Filly El Roca (AUS) Mezzaluna
388 Bay Colt Smart Missile (Aus) Miss Judged
390 Brown Colt More Than Ready (USA) Miss la Frenz
401 Bay Filly Reliable Man (GB) Modern Lady
414 Brown Colt Reliable Man (GB) Morton Babe
416 Bay Colt Sepoy (AUS) Mrs Kennedy (AUS)
444 Grey Colt Reliable Man (GB) Oh So Royal (AUS)
445 Bay Filly Charm Spirit (IRE) Ombre Rose
472 BB Colt I Am Invincible (AUS) Petty Cury (AUS)
486 Grey Colt Reliable Man (GB) Postmans Daughter
516 Bay Filly Reliable Man (GB) Renediym (AUS)
526 BRG Filly Reliable Man (GB) Romeo's Princess
537 Chestnut Filly All Too Hard (AUS) Saffron Hill (AUS)
558 Chestnut Filly Reliable Man (GB) Scene Queen (AUS)
584 Brown Colt El Roca (AUS) Sierra Gold (AUS)
615 Bay Colt Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) Spina Rosa (AUS)
634 Bay Colt Swiss Ace (AUS) Suppose (USA)
636 Bay Filly All Too Hard (AUS) Sweepstaking (AUS)
639 Chestnut Colt Toronado (IRE) Syllabus (AUS)
640 Brown Filly Reliable Man (GB) Symphony Rock (AUS)
649 Bay Colt Savabeel (AUS) The First Lady (AUS)
665 Bay Filly Pins (AUS) Treasure the Cross (IRE)
679 BG Colt Reliable Man (GB) Valley of Pentire
684 Grey Filly Reliable Man (GB) Veva Girl (AUS)
691 Grey Filly Reliable Man (GB) Visa Lisa (AUS)
696 Chestnut Filly Makfi (GB) Wednesday Rocks

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